Engaged2Perform and our partners enjoy over 60 years of combined experience in the human capital and employee engagement field. This includes specialized expertise on the drivers and personal, intrinsic factors that influence and motivate high performance.

Douglas Brown

Founder & President

Doug Brown is Founder and President of Engaged2Perform, one of the leading employee engagement program providers in Canada.

Doug is passionate about employee engagement and believes strongly that business success ultimately resides in the ability of company management and employees to build productive working relationships. For the past 30 years, Doug has served in roles from Supervisor to President, overseeing production, quality control, sales and marketing, administration, distribution and fulfillment. He has successfully overcome the many challenges involved in building a high performance team. Doug believes that performance success requires not only intelligence and cognitive skills but also motivation, inspiration, encouragement that set the stage for real engagement.

Wayne Clancy

Strategic Partner

Wayne is the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Future Strategies Inc. and theMindSuite technology. He is the inventor of an innovative business analytics model called ‘The Expectation Gap Index’ (EGI), which clearly identifies the ‘GAPS’ between what people and groups expect and value versus their perception of quality/performance.

These revolutionary tools create a rich and private experience, automate data collection, and manage ‘big data’ so that it becomes ‘smart data’.His work with NY Times Best Selling Author John King (Tribal Leadership) has produced easy to use ‘predictive culture analytics’, with ‘The Culture Gap Index’.

In addition, the EGI is also applied to Customer Relationships, Innovation, Employee Engagement, Citizen Engagement and many others. The analytics coupled with Learn2Solutions award winning learning systems creates an ongoing scorecard of predictable performance. Wayne has is also very involved with many philanthropic initiatives aimed at helping ‘people work better together’.

Michael is an accomplished Senior Human Resources Professional who has who has held senior positions in the manufacturing, telecommunications, public and not-for-profit sectors. He has experience with both non-union and union environments where he built strong, positive relationships with the employees and their representatives, resulting in significantly improved working relationships between employees and management.

He is currently the President of 6 Conversations Consulting specializing in improving the performance of small to medium sized organizations by increasing the level of employee engagement.