Boosting Performance by Improving Manager-Employee Working Relationships

Engaged2perform serves companies who feel they should be doing better with retaining their talent and workforce and helping employees perform at their best. Our mission is simple: to bring about exceptional workplace performance, strong loyalty and retention and organizational success. We do this by working to create and strengthen employee engagement where it actually occurs – in the interaction between the employee and manager.

Is your company losing valuable talent to alternative careers? Strong retention and loyal employees comes from understanding and supporting their needs, beyond compensation, salary and benefit programs, and is more about creating rewarding and fulfilling employee experiences to improve retention!

At the same time managers play a key role in helping employees elevate their performance. This is achieved by aligning efforts with the organizations values, goals and mission, bringing clarity around priorities and objectives, motivating discretionary effort, understanding and supporting what individual employees require to perform at their best and overcoming barriers and challenges.

Research clearly shows that the employees’ direct manager and the quality of the employee-manager relationship have a huge influence on the employees’ level of engagement, performance and retention. We at Engaged2perform support managers through training, coaching and tools that equip them to improve these relationships and consequently, their employees’ engagement and performance.

Contrary to what you might think, improving employee performance and retention is not that difficult. It is best done through a combination of the right leadership style and meaningful conversations that focus not only on the business and the employees’ responsibilities, but also on understanding the employees’ needs – their goals, development and career- and helping them take action so they continue learning and progressing. Managers have a powerful influence on performance and retention but in too many organizations they lack support – the training, coaching, tools and positive role modeling to build employee engagement. Most organizations also do not make the manager-employee relationship a strategic priority – something that must be strengthened if the company is to thrive.

This is exactly where we at Engaged2Perform come in. Our services create and support employee engagement where it actually occurs – in the interaction between the employee and manager. We equip managers with the skills to create an engaging workplace where employees want to perform really well and succeed.

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