What do you want from your employees? When we ask executives this question here are the most common responses:

Primary Wants: Direct Needs from Employee That Contribute to Business Success

  1. High productivity and performance: To control labor costs, remain competitive in the marketplace and achieve business goals
  2. Maximum Retention and Minimal absenteeism: Most companies are aware of the costs and operational challenges associated with high turnover and absenteeism
  3. Innovation: Business organizations need new innovation and efficiency to grow and develop new products and services
  4. Advocating for the Company: Executives would also like their employees to be strong advocates for the company – to help build their brand, support recruitment efforts and be a good partner in the community

Does a salary paycheck and benefits guarantee the achievement of all points above? Not likely as there are many cases that well paid employees are not achieving desired goals or may be performing below expectations. If not, what is missing?

When we dig a little deeper and examine what executives mean when they say high performance or low turnover here are some of the secondary needs that are identified that contribute to excellence and successful results on the primary needs.

Secondary Wants– Impact Primary Needs, Driven By Positive Emotions

  • High Discretionary Effort
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Energy, Enthusiasm and Positive Attitude
  • Accountability and Ownership
  • New Ideas and Creativity
  • Growth and Improvement
  • Commitment to Overcome Obstacles
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Loyalty and Caring

It is important to NOTE that these secondary factors or needs are emotionally driven

Ie discretionary effort, motivation, loyalty – the decision to do your very best every day at work or resign your position is not always about money and is often controlled by our emotions and feelings.

The secondary wants on this page are where engagement lives and breaths and the benefits that engagement brings to the organization are the primary wants/needs!

What do you want from your employees? Are you getting their maximum effort and contribution?

If not, contact us for more detailed discussions about how we can hep your organization build and sustain a highly engaged workforce!

Light a Fire Inside Employees Instead of Trying to Light a Fire Underneath Them!