We are all human and as such all have strengths and weaknesses. But when it comes to engagement it seems that actions taken by managers can have a significant impact on engagement levels. There are many great managers, and most are committed, conscientious and hard working but, like poor employees, there can also be managers that don’t always lead or manage effectively or successfully. Without the skill and ability to relate and connect with people it is difficult for managers to increase and sustain high engagement levels.

For a manager to maximize employee performance and retention, cultivating high engagement levels is important to any company’s efforts to achieve challenging goals and optimize profits.

In a recent infographic from BambooHR titled “Bad Boss Index” they listed various research facts that outlines some of the steps and actions taken by leaders that are creating disengagement. Every leader should be aware that how they communicate and interact with their employees on different and multiple levels has a significant impact on employees and their engagement.

Here was a list from the infographic on the top ten “Bad Boss Behaviors”

  1. Takes credit for your work.
  2. Doesn’t appear to trust or empower you.
  3. Doesn’t appear to care if you’re overworked.
  4. Doesn’t appear to advocate for your when it comes go monetary compensation.
  5. Hires and/or promotes the wrong people.
  6. Doesn’t back you up when there is a dispute between you and one of your company’s clients.
  7. Doesn’t provide proper direction on assignments/roles.
  8. Micromanages you and doesn’t allow you the “freedom to work”.
  9. Focuses more on your weaknesses than your strengths.
  10. Doesn’t set clear expectations.

These are activities every manager must be cognizant of and be willing to examine their leadership style to assess if and how they can improve. In all the points above it is incumbent on the manager to act professionally and in the best interests of their employee if they desire to get that employee to perform at their very best day in and day out and support and commit to their company’s goals and objectives.

When it comes to people and engagement skills and competencies where can your managers improve to drive higher engagement and performance results?

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