Are you achieving the business results you need or are you falling short in some areas?

If your results are not meeting your expectations here are four keys that will help generate improvements.

Strategy: Organizations need a plan. They must identify what are the critical goals and success factors that must be achieved to achieve their vision and mission. The strategy should align with the organization’s mission and vision but be a more detailed roadmap of priorities, focus, goals, and objectives along with identified targets and KPI that enable businesses to measure progress and results.

Information, Tools, Processes and Resources: To achieve desired goals organizations need to ensure that the information, tools, processes and resources are in place to facilitate and support achievement of business objectives.

Skill, Ability and Knowledge: Do your employees have the experience and knowledge to excel in their work roles and responsibilities? Are training, education or developmental programs required to bring new skills and experience that will enable employees to perform at a higher level? What skills and abilities are required to improve performance and meet desired goals? Recruitment also plays a role to ensure you have the knowledge and skill base to succeed.

Execution: Once the previous three factors are in place does that always mean that goals are achieved 100 % of the time. Not always! Employees must be aligned with and understand their objectives and targets as well as buy into the role they play in contributing to organizational success. Employees must also be focused, committed, motivated and engaged in their efforts to achieve organizational goals.

All four factors are necessary to achieve difficult goals and overcome the challenges that develop to meet or exceed the business results and targets the company has identified as important to their growth and success.

Examine all four factors. Do you have the necessary strategic plan in place? Are all the processes, systems, resources and information flow optimized for performance? Does your organization have the necessary skills, competencies, and experience to generate results? and lastly; are employees motivated and engaged in achieving or exceeding desired goals? Is there a “Spirit of Excellence” throughout the company and workforce?


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