Does your company have a performance management system? How is it working? Many, many organizations have a performance management system? Often it is a computerized or on-line platform that enables managers and employees to:

  • Define goals and objectives
  • Correlate these with actual results
  • Identify skills and development necessary
  • Rate performance- often on a scale (i.e. Rickert scale)
  • Provide an area for comments.

These systems are typically used to appraise performance, determine where improvements are necessary and calculate pay increases. Most companies would complete a mid year and end of year review with updates to these platforms, assigning new goals, etc.

How well do your managers like the system? How well do employees like the system? Is it used for an interactive format where employees and managers can freely, openly and honestly discuss issues, concerns and goals from both the company and the employee standpoint??? Too often we find employees don’t have any real input at all and it becomes this short exercise where the manager comments on some areas that they have done well and some areas where improvement is needed.

Organizations should ask some key questions about their performance management system such as:

  1. What are the goals and benefits of having a performance management system? Is this to improve employee performance and develop employees? Other?
  2. If it is to “improve employee performance and develop employees” are you getting the employee performance improvement, growth and development you seek? How are you measuring this improvement and what metrics are used?
  3. Does the platform have a means of meeting employee needs, concerns and goals? How? How can the manager use the platform to help understand the employee’s goals and aspirations and what the employee’s strengths and passions are and what motivates and engages them to perform at their very best?
  4. How often should we be discussing performance with employees? Is twice a year enough to discuss performance issues?
  5. Have we, as an organization, provided all the resources, support and tools required for the employee to excel at their job? Have we provided all the communication necessary, the recognition and encouragement, the importance and meaning of their work, the effort needed to build trust levels, the training and development opportunities, the coaching support, etc., etc. that meet the intrinsic needs of employees and make them want to perform at their very best very day?
  6. Is there a better way to cultivate and encourage the passion and commitment of employees and build motivation and engagement levels that will deliver higher performance?

Ask employees about the performance management system and whether it is meeting their needs as an employee. Organizations should remember that there are two sides to delivering high performance: First there is the organizations side with goals and objectives, deadlines, costs control, innovation and efficiencies ….and secondly, there is the employee side with their goals and aspirations, strengths and passions, desired challenge….and many other factors beyond salary, wages and benefits.

The ideal performance management and improvement system should address both sides of the equation not just the management and ownership side.

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