AON Hewitt research recently reported “The Gender Gap: 61% of women believe that their organizational leadership is worthy of their trust, less than their male counterparts at 66%.

To me when I look at this statistic I am not so much concerned about the gender gap difference but more about the fact approximately 34-39% of employees do not trust leadership or management?

This is a major concern is it not?

In this article by Scott Span of Tolero Solutions he explains how lack of trust in leadership impacts many organizational factors necessary for success; specifically performance and culture. Imagine if 35% of your workforce is underperforming due to lack of trust? OR if this creates a toxic workplace environment where employees are communicating at critical times with the required information and detail or don’t get along or are arguing about strategy and actions needed. ….. how would this affect quality of work, deadlines and business results?

The answer is significantly. If you want to build a successful company with strong business results trust in your workplace is of paramount importance and all leaders and managers must work to build strong and trusting relationships with their team and colleagues.

In a recent blog article “What Power do Managers Use to Lead”  we discussed trust in the workplace. There are some fundamental steps every manager can take to help build trust. These “guiding principles of building trust“ need to be part of the growth, development and learning of any manager or leader to help maximize performance and business results.

Could your managers use help in building trust in their workplace to optimize performance?

If so, contact us for more detailed discussions about how we can help your managers learn the core principles of building trust with their employees and colleagues!

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