Engaged2Perform: People, Passion, Profit

“Leadership is Measured in the Hearts of Those Who Follow” Heart of Champions

When you capture someone’s heart and soul you engage their mind and effort. This makes all the difference in the world and the results become unstoppable. You procure their

  • Passion and Inspiration
  • Loyalty and Trust
  • Motivation
  • Commitment and Determination
  • Willingness to Improve, Grow and Develop
  1. People: Often workforce relationship, cultural, communication and trust issues create poor engagement and performance or career dissatisfaction that result in workplace challenges, employee turnover and reduced profits. These issues need to be understood and addressed to improve performance, create loyalty and retain your talent, as it is your people that drive performance and business results.
  2. Passion: When organizations create a workplace experience that is motivating and engaging and has a purpose they can identify with, people will want to perform at their best, push themselves to grow and excel.
  3. Profit: When organizations create fulfilling employee experiences and support employee’s career development the result is increased employee performance, retention and improved profits.

Your Results: Improved Business Success

Engaged2Perform helps organizations achieve business success by strengthening manager-employee relationships through key, structured conversations designed to help managers lead and interact with their team in ways that improve trust and collaboration. Our conversation tools and techniques help managers connect with their employees create a sense of caring, belonging and purpose, address and act on the key elements necessary to engage employees and improve motivation and commitment to organizational goals. The result: rewarding employee experiences, a high level of organization performance and desired profits.

Learn about our Philosophy and Methodology to improve workforce success!

We offer a Three Step Process

  1. Assess what people issues are preventing higher performance and employee retention.
  2. Implement manager-employee structured conversations designed to create rewarding and motivating work experiences and career growth and development that enable employees to perform at their best and enjoy their careers.
  3. Monitor the impact of programs through organizational metrics to measure business performance and profit.

If you are seeking to build a more interactive, motivating leadership style that improves the performance and retention of your workforce talent, contact us, we can help.

Our expertise: Stronger manager-employee working relationships combined with programs and processes that enable managers to cultivate and encourage:

  • Motivated performance
  • Ideas for efficiency and improvement
  • Alignment with company goals
  • Pride in Quality/”Spirit of Excellence”
  • Growth and development of new skills
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved morale

Employee-Manager Conversation and Coaching Processes

A structured process to help managers improve employee performance

Leadership Skills

Leadership learning modules to enhance performance management

Retention Solutions and Stay Interviews

Retain Employees and Reduce Turnover Costs

Enhancing the Employee Work Experience

Enabling employees reach their full potential

Engaged2Perform transforms managers into leaders who generate extraordinary business results. Backed by more than 30 years of experience we help employees perform at their best, we empower companies to achieve new levels of productivity, growth and profit.

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