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Strategic Partners & Business Relationships


Engaged2Perform has aligned with strategic partners and allied businesses to strengthen the support we offer organizations in their effort to build engaged, high performance workforces. The tools and services we provide better enable us to customize programs and packages to address the needs of our clients. Our mandate and focus is to help managers achieve success by ensuring their employees are motivated, committed and engaged in their work. Our partnerships and business relationships enable us to support organizations in several areas, including leadership recruitment and selection, training and development as well as key processes to facilitate maximum engagement, performance and retention. Successful leadership must cultivate employees dedicated to achieving organizational goals. It takes time, training and the proper coaching and guidance and Engaged2Perform has the necessary resources and programs to make it happen! Contact us now to learn how we can help your organization.

 Cut E

Engaged2Perform partners with Cut-E to provide progressive leadership selection assessments that enable organizations to recruit and select candidates that have the aptitude, beliefs and willingness to lead with the principles, practices and styles that support the employee engagement process .

  • Cut e has established itself as the most innovative provider of psychometric instruments for HR diagnostics on the web.
  • Creative item formats, user-friendly reporting and rigorous scientific evaluation characterize the solutions provided by cut e and ensure our client’s success.
  • Today cut e handles over 12 million candidate assessments each year, and supports the HR decisions of an impressive list of major companies and organizations worldwide by providing reliable, meaningful information.
  • cut e is world leader in the design and implementation of innovative online tests, questionnaires and gamified assessments for recruitment, selection and development.
  • We undertake 12 million assessments each year in over 70 countries and 40 languages.
  • cut e helps employers to identify which candidates have the right capabilities, potential and cultural fit to benefit their business.

“At cut e we recruit smart people and build clever products. All our instruments are highly valid. We value our clients; our clients prefer cut e.” explains Andreas Lohff, Founder and Co-director of the cut e Group.

The Mind Suite

Engaged2Perform works with the Mind Suite to support organizations in their efforts to improve business results and success through better utilization of their Human Capital. They help to quantify the hard to measure softer relationship issues as an ongoing business tool or as a specific project. They also help to cross-reference these metrics with performance operating and financial data.

They have worked with various businesses, not for profits, charities, public section, government, health care and communities.


Job Crafting

Engaged2Perform has a working relationship with to provide structured workshops, workbooks and classroom exercises that enable employees to improve the enjoyment and fulfilment of their positions and careers.
“The Job Crafting™ Exercise helps employees make their job more engaging and fulfilling. This interactive tool allows employees to view their jobs as a flexible set of building blocks. Using this unique perspective, and with the guidance of their managers, they create a visual plan for redesigning their job to better suit their values, strengths, and passions. The result is a more optimal fit between an employee’s personality, needs and job requirements, boosting happiness and effectiveness at work.”


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