Your organization requires maximized employee performance to compete and succeed in the marketplace. However, many hidden issues within the workforce culture can quickly become obstacles to employee engagement, hindering achievement and performance.

Annual employee surveys capture employee opinions at one moment in time only.  Yet employee views and needs fluctuate often and sometimes unexpectedly, and these changes are not picked up or addressed well through annual surveys.  If an organization seeks to gain an ongoing understanding of employees’ opinions and needs, Performance Pulse surveys are ideal. Because these surveys are very short and take only a minute or two to complete, they can be administered often, providing a current, up-to-the-minute picture of employee views. Organizational listening and responsiveness are improved as problems and opportunities are identified and addressed more quickly.

Examples of “core areas” we seek to understand and evaluate through Performance Pulse surveys:

Organizational Values – Do all leaders and managers exemplify core values in their actions and words?

Recognition – Do employees feel appreciated and acknowledged for their hard work, effort and contributions?

Meaning – Do employees find meaning in their work, and see the connection between organizational goals and their own contributions?

Trust – Do employees trust their managers? Do they trust senior leadership? Employee engagement begins with trust.

Communication Issues – Do employees have a voice? Are their concerns and challenges heard? Are they getting the necessary information and clarity of goals they need to optimize their performance? Do they have a strong working relationship with their manager? If not, how can it be improved?


  • Quickly and accurately identify departmental challenges and obstacles that prevent high performance and achievement
  • Quickly and accurately gauge employee feelings on a series of relevant topics such as organizational policy, change initiatives, leadership/managers, values, culture/environment, and communication issues
  • Actions to address concerns and problems can be taken quickly.

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