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Jacob Schneid

Jacob Schneid

Jacob Schneid has thirty years’ experience as a trainer, coach and consultant in individual, work unit, and organizational improvement. His work focuses on employee performance improvement and organizational measurement. He is a dynamic coach and trainer and has provided coaching to people at every level (ranging from executives to employees) and trained various audiences on a wide variety of topics.

Over the past 20 years he has developed and implemented a variety of custom surveys on behalf of client organizations. These have included:

  • engagement surveys
  • employee surveys
  • customer surveys
  • surveys that assess an organization from the perspectives of all of its key stakeholders

He has had extensive involvement in interpreting survey results and presenting these to clients, and facilitating planning sessions and action teams focusing on implementing post-survey improvements.

Jacob has had a career-long interest in employee motivation and strengthening employee-manager relationships. As an outgrowth of this interest, he has developed a unique online tool for improving the engagement of individual employees which has been successfully used in several leading Canadian companies. He is also launching a process that improves employee performance through semi-structured employee-manager conversations.

Jacob’s consulting experience cuts across all sectors, including consumer goods, manufacturing, professional services and government. He has worked with client organizations in areas such as strategic planning, team building, customer service, developing new human resource processes, and improving company communications.

His corporate roles have included Associate Director of Education for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario, Senior Human Resource Policy Officer for the Ministry of Transportation, Director at Great Place to Work as well as extended contract tenures as a change agent.

Jacob has a Doctorate of Education (adult education) from the University of Toronto, Master of Applied Science (individual and group counselling) from the University of Waterloo and Bachelor of Arts (applied psychology) from York University. He is a member of the Strategic Capability Network.