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Organizational Culture Change

Monitor Core Values to Measure Organizational Culture Change

The key to business success is a strong and vibrant company culture and research confirms successful companies have a strong culture. To be successful, your business must ensure that the core values that make up your organization’s culture are alive and strong and lived up to by the leadership team and your employees. However, keeping core values strong can be challending.

The reason for this is human nature. Your employees’ feelings about the company’s core values fluctuate based on what they see and experience. If there is a discrepancy between what the organization promotes and what the employees experience, this can be demoralizing and impact performance. Consequently, it is important to keep an eye on organizational values by measuring them often to keep core values intact.


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There is no need to wait until the annual employee survey is done to get an accurate reading on how strong your company values are. If you wait until the survey, chances are that you’ll be seeing historic data that is several months old, and by this time, employees’ feeling have fluctuated once again. In fact, there is another solution that will help you build a strong, values-based business culture and help in making the small but important changes that will keep values strong. Ensure you encourage and make the organizational culture changes that achieve desired results.

The Values Pulse Survey

Bulls eye on core valuesThe Values Pulse Survey is a tool we offer to help determine if core values are active and effective components of your company culture. It checks employees’ and management’s feelings about your organization’s core values, and feeds you fresh information on the state of your organizational culture on a regular basis so you can take action when needed.

The survey consists of one or a handful of questions that can be administered as often as once a week or even daily.

The feedback you receive is always up-to-the-minute, not weeks or months old. This real-time feedback enables you to quickly take action to strengthen core values, improve company culture, and achieve business success.

Build a High Performance Workplace

There is only one way to ensure employees perform at their very best – day in and day out: Your company leadership must exemplify the key values, principles and behaviors that build the desired culture and deliver coveted business results.

Your leadership team must be able to answer the following questions:
  • Has your company articulated the values that will contribute to building a great workplace and lead to success?
  • Are those core values clear and behaviorally-based?
  • Are they fostered in all levels of the company?
  • Are the actions and decisions taken by leadership or employees in line with the company’s core values?

Answering these questions is important to maintaining a strong organizational culture. And to make the task easier, the Values Pulse Surveys will help your organization identify what is going well, as well as the issues, challenges and roadblocks that might be getting in the way. The surveys will provide actionable insights into what actions are needed to ensure your organization’s core values are cultivated and sustained.


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