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Manager Performance Solutions

Leadership development takes time and requires the many skills we address in our Manager Performance Solutions. Leaders and managers need the opportunity to learn how to encourage and cultivate:

1 Higher performance levels

2 Increased loyalty to the company

3 Elevated accountability of organization objectives

4 More commitment and participation in key projects and deadlines

… and more.

Like employees, leaders and managers also need to constantly grow to develop new skills, abilities and different perspectives on how they can maximize employee performance and loyalty!

Manager Performance Solutions that Create Change

“We lead by being human. We do not lead by being corporate, professional, or institutional.” – Paul Hawkin

Leaders play a critical role in employee engagement, performance and retention; either positive or negative. They are the driving force behind employee productivity and loyalty.

Our Manager Performance Solutions integrate training and support to help managers make the paradigm shift to successful leadership styles and action.

For over ten years Engaged2Perform has offered a range of powerful services to assist our clients in building engaged, high performance workforces.

Organizations who enjoy success in the future will be progressive businesses that find innovative ways to secure and harness the talent, commitment, motivation and engagement of their human capital.


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Leadership Development Workshops
LEADERSHIP2ENGAGE: A program that will provide your managers with the tools to create a work environment that is conducive to high productivity.
Performance Development Training
OPTIMIZING PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT (OPD): Guided employee-manager conversations that help align performance expectations with the employee’s development expectations.
Employee Retention Training
ENGAGE RETENTION: Teaches managers how to conduct a structured conversation process for Stay Interviews with employees.
Personal Engagement Index
PEI is used with Engage Retention training or as a stand-alone service; it triggers in-depth conversations that help managers become more skilled at supporting employees.
Job Crafting Exercises
Guided process to help employees come up with ways to craft their jobs to better suit their values, strengths, and passions and make work more rewarding.
Recruitment Profiles
ASSESS4ENGAGEMENT: Our assessments help you select the right hires for leadership by evaluating a job candidate’s ability to achieve high team performance.
Values Pulse Survey
Used to help organizations determine if core values are active throughout all levels of the company and identify the issues, challenges and roadblocks to higher performance.