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Engaged2perform: enabling managers to create motivating work environments

Managers have tremendous influence over employee performance and retention through the way they lead their teams. To most effectively use their influence, they must learn and practise the principles that drive excellent employee performance. Successful leadership goes well beyond delegation, goal setting and time management. To build a high-performance workforce, leaders must elicit the dedication of their employees by igniting their passion to achieve organization goals.

Simply put, for employees to perform at their best they need to have a strong working relationship with their manager! But this doesn’t just happen naturally. It requires specific people and communication skills that are learned through effective leadership development programs. It also requires effective support tools and processes. These skills create the foundation for a strong manager-employee relationship and the manager’s ability to support excellent employee performance.

As John C Maxwell stated, “Leadership is not about titles, positions or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another.” This influence is best achieved by being more intentional in how you lead. Our training and tools enable leaders to become more intentional and people centric in how they lead to ensure employee value and contribution is maximized.

Engaged2Perform offers several strategic programs to help managers take employee performance to the next level.

Leadership Skills:

Our survey work, employee discussions and a growing body of research and writing indicate that quality manager-employee relationships are based on a manager’s ability to:

  • Cultivate – desired attitudes, behaviors, values and commitment
  • Build trust – for improved understanding, communication and interaction
  • Create meaning and purpose in work – to generate increased motivation and productivity
  • Align employees’ efforts with corporate goals
  • Build a workplace conducive to high performance and retention.

Engaged2Perform trains managers in the necessary leadership skills to build stronger employee relationships that enable them to perform at high levels. To help your leadership team achieve improved results, learn more about our workshops!

Employee-Manager Conversation and Coaching Processes:

Effective manager-employee conversations help ensure that employees continue to improve their performance. Effective conversations lead to improved communication, commitment and performance results!

Mid-Level Managers are the key to cultivating the employees’ desire to perform at their very best, but to achieve results, they can be greatly helped by an effective process of performance conversations. We train and support managers in using a process of semi-structured conversations with their employees that focus on performance and the employee’s personal aspirations, needs, and career. The dual attention to performance and the employee’s development stimulates strong performance since employees see ongoing attention to their growth at work. Over time the employee-manager rapport and the manager’s leadership and conversation skills also improve.

Enhancing the Employee Work Experience:

To attain excellent performance, it is important to help employees build careers and work experiences that are fulfilling and rewarding. It is virtually impossible to increase employee performance if the employee feels unchallenged and bored, or if employees are lacking purpose in their work.

This program captures the process of people redesigning their own jobs to be more engaging and fulfilling by encouraging people to look at their jobs in a new way – as a flexible set of building blocks rather than a fixed list of duties. Using this perspective, people discover ways to craft their jobs to better suit their values, strengths, and passions.

Our process ensures employees

  • Are fulfilled in their work
  • Go above and beyond the required efforts
  • Enjoy their work environment and culture

Participating in these workshops has significantly increased employees’ happiness and effectiveness, as rated by the employees’ peers and managers. To learn more read the link Job Crafting Research Article

Five key features of jobs that play a significant role in driving motivation, performance, and satisfaction, as well as decreased absenteeism and turnover (Hackman & Oldham, 1976):

  • Skill variety: Diversity of activities, skills, and abilities.
  • Task identity: Wholeness of work produced.
  • Task significance: Impact on other people and the organization.
  • Autonomy: Freedom in structuring and scheduling work.
  • Feedback: Direct and clear information about performance.

Through our process, employees make small but important modifications in one or more of these five aspects of their jobs, and these changes improve overall job satisfaction and performance.

Retention Solutions and Stay Interviews:

It has often been said that “employees leave managers, not organizations.” Managers play a critical role in having employees who are engaged and loyal or are seeking new opportunities.

Employee turnover is costly. To minimize these costs managers must play an active role helping employees advance in their career and professional growth. To reduce employee turnover, managers must gain an understanding of their employees’ future aspirations and offer the support required to realize these aspirations.

Through regular stay interview conversations managers can come to understand their employee’s interests and career goals. They will also be able to determine employee concerns, challenges and frustrations that, if not addressed, could become the irritants that often lead to a decision to leave the organization.

Performance Pulse Surveys:

Annual employee surveys capture employee opinions at only one moment in time. The truth is that employee views and needs fluctuate often, sometimes unexpectedly, and these changes are not detected well through annual surveys. On the other hand, Performance Pulse surveys are ideal when an organization seeks to gain an ongoing understanding of employees’ opinions and attitudes. Since these surveys take only minutes to complete, they can be administered often, providing an up-to-the-minute picture of employee views. Consequently, organizational listening and responsiveness are improved as problems and opportunities are promptly identified and addressed.

Support Tools:

Engaged2Perform supports managers with an online assessment tool, based on six core elements, that helps managers understand and act on the personal motivational drivers and career interests of their employees to secure the commitment to perform at their best. Our tool enables employees to become more engaged in their work and careers, builds stronger employee-manager relationships and improves managers’ communication and leadership. Our online assessment triggers powerful conversations, understanding and action that align company and employee goals while increasing engagement and performance.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your managers achieve their business goals.