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Leadership Recruitment

Hire for the Right Skills to Lead Successfully

Gallup finds that companies fail to choose the candidate with the right talent for the job 82% of the time.

Hiring mistakes can be costly. Bad managers cost businesses billions of dollars each year and having too many of them can bring down a company.


access4engagementBusinesses that get it right and hire talented managers will thrive and gain a significant competitive advantage. Our program, Assess4Engagement, will help you find the right leaders who will add great value to your organization.

Our assessments determine a candidate’s ability to achieve high team performance. They ensure you select the right candidates for leadership. They also evaluate candidates’ trustworthiness and beliefs about engagement along with their values, motives, interests, personality, behaviors, goals and more.

The Challenge of Leadership Recruitment

Finding the right leader is challenging. It requires searching deep to discover exceptional talents and better understanding behaviors, personality characteristics and leadership style. You need to go beyond just using interviews to select leaders, since the candidate’s leadership attributes cannot be measured effectively in an interview.

  • Technical skills and intelligence
  • People and team skills
  • Attitudes and trustworthiness
  • Adaptability – ability to take on new challenges and ideas
  • Having a vision of the future – forward-thinking

Simply put, leadership recruitment interviews are based on the idea that candidates are acting as they would in a work situation and are telling the truth during the interview. In reality, many candidates often provide answers they believe the interviewer wants to hear rather than the most accurate answer. How then do you find the right leaders?

Assess4Engagement Recruitment Profiles

Use assessment data that can predict performance! Assessments can help your organization improve candidate selection when recruiting leaders. The proper assessment tools are based on a variety of criteria that help determine the capacity to lead successfully.

We will help you create ideal candidate profiles through job analysis to determine what skills and attributes you are seeking and compare these profiles against potential candidates.

Through improved understanding of a candidate’s behavioral and personality traits along with their values and beliefs, you can better predict the person’s ability to build trust and strong working relationships with their employees. Assessments help ensure you put the right people into leadership roles!

Assess4Engagement evaluates a candidate’s values and beliefs so you can better predict the person’s ability to lead, build trust and strong working relationships with employees.
The sought-after talent combination that characterizes great managers only exists in about one in 10 people. Another two in 10 people have some of the five talents and can become successful managers with the right coaching and development.

Assessments are validated with statistical accuracy, include detailed reports and have a strong track record as predictors of performance.

The dynamics of the workplace in today’s no-holds-barred competitive business environment are ever changing and here to stay. To keep up and excel in this demanding climate, you need to bring on board the right leaders. You need to ensure your leadership recruitment efforts lead to hiring people with the right leadership skills and talent necessary for delivering desired results.

To successfully achieve the business results your organization needs, you must have people who are willing to follow. Therefore, it is important for new leaders to have the right people and interpersonal skills that can motivate and engage their employees. Good leadership has a tremendous impact on employee performance, loyalty, and business results.

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