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Leadership Development

We Make You a Leader!

It is a well-known fact that companies with managers who have gone through leadership development training often outperform their peers. After researching and identifying the reasons for failed leadership, we at Engaged2Perform have developed the best solutions and great learning programs that are focused on helping managers develop the right leadership skills.

Our leadership training comes with assessments and workbooks, all of which provide your mid-level managers with the skills and techniques needed to become leaders who can build strong performance by improving employee engagement and working relationships.

Successful Leaders Build High Performance Teams

Companies benefit from investing in leadership development because successful leaders are those who build high-performance teams! To deliver on demanding organizational goals, your managers need strong people skills and techniques to achieve success. They must be leaders, capable of encouraging and facilitating the positive employee emotions that contribute to high team performance.

To achieve this, our Leadership2Engage program trains managers in essential people skills that enable them to engage and lead. Research shows that effective leaders get higher levels of commitment from their employees, and their groups are generally more profitable.

Leadership2Engage:  Leadership Development Training

For your managers to develop successful leadership skills, we provide a series of leadership learning modules and training programs that are designed to enhance your managers’ competency and ability to create an environment where employees thrive, and high productivity is the result.

…Only 66% of managers understand the meaning of engagement and of these probably very few have had proper leadership development training or support to facilitate engagement…
Our leadership development training will equip managers with these leadership skills:

  • Building trust
  • Helping employees find purpose in work
  • Appreciating and recognizing employee effort and achievement
  • Cultivating desired behaviors and attitudes
  • Creating a great work experience

….and more.


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MODULE 1: Leadership Challenge – a series of 5 workshops
MODULE 2: Managing for Employee Engagement
MODULE 3: The Trustworthy Leader
MODULE 4: Create a Great Workplace for Engagement

Help your leaders maximize the productivity, performance and teamwork of their department by ensuring they have the skills and competencies required to successfully lead. Abilities that cultivate employee engagement and commitment and deliver successful results!