It is virtually impossible to increase employee engagement in situations where the employee feels unchallenged and bored, or where employees are lacking purpose in their job. Job Crafting is a unique, guided process used by many high-profile Fortune 500 companies with great success and substantiated by over 15 years of research.

Job Crafting assists employees in examining their current tasks and time commitments, to explore how their role could be altered in small but important ways to better meet their needs, interests, and passions. Through facilitated workshops, employees make deliberate changes in their job with their manager’s support, creating a work environment that is more enjoyable and rewarding. Job crafting enables employees to reach their full potential, by empowering them in the ability to shape their own role.


  • Increased employee engagement, morale, and accountability
  • Improved time management and efficiency
  • Decreased employee turnover
  • Higher employee productivity, energy and employee focus
  • Improved employee-manager relationships