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Job Crafting

Creating Rewarding and Fulfilling Work Experiences

Has your Engagement Survey revealed that your employees feel:

  • bored with their work
  • they do not have any autonomy to make decisions about their work
  • their strengths/passions are not being utilized
  • their work experience is not rewarding

If this is the how your employees are feeling, then you need to turn this disengagement challenge around ASAP before it deteriorates any further.

Consider JOB CRAFTING as a solution to improve job performance and satisfaction. It can be particularly effective as part of the follow up actions after an Employee Engagement Survey to help address various challenges identified in the survey or as a key program in your efforts and strategy to build engagement.

Job Crafting Exercises

Job Crafting is a guided process that helps employees create a work experience that aligns with their strengths, interests and passions. As a manager, if you are trying to improve performance by working on engagement, it is important to help your employees redesign their jobs and create a work environment that they find more enjoyable and rewarding.

Job Crafting Workbook

Job Crafting Workbook

More Fulfilling Jobs

Job crafting assists people in redesigning their own jobs to be more engaging and fulfilling. To be sure, many employees make small modifications in their jobs informally and without anyone’s knowledge. Job Crafting allows employees to make changes in their jobs deliberately and with their manager’s support, so the process can be more beneficial, impactful and improve their effectiveness at work.


Key Elements of the Job Crafting Exercise

  1. Changing the Activities Involved in Your Job
  2. Changing Your Interactions with Other People
  3. Changing the Way You Think About Your Job Responsibilities

By examining your current job tasks and time commitments, participants will begin to explore how their roles could be shifted and altered to better meet employees needs, interests and passions.

Employee Autonomy and motivationJobs That Match Values, Strengths, Passions

Job Crafting also encourages employees to look at their jobs in a new way – as a flexible set of building blocks rather than a fixed list of duties. Engage2Perform helps employees craft their jobs to better suit their values, strengths, and passions. We help them weigh their current job tasks and time commitments so they can begin to explore how their role could be shifted and altered to better meet their needs, interests and passions. As appropriate, their manager can support them in this process, and the opportunity to discuss and collaborate can be highly beneficial to both the employee and manager.

Enhance Employee Effectiveness and Happiness

Job Crafting was developed by professors from the University of Pennsylvania and the Yale School of Management and found to be effective through numerous implementations around the world since 2003 (check the year JC was started). In facilitated workshops and using personal job crafting workbooks, employees are guided through the entire process of crafting their jobs. It has a proven track record in many applications and in many industries. Several studies have been conducted that show how Job Crafting impacts engagement.

Reveals a truckload of information and insight. Project Manager
Ingenious…helped me see how to improve my job in ways I would have never thought of otherwise.Software Engineer
Opened my eyes that the things I dislike about my current job are things that I can change—through job crafting—to where I’ll enjoy my job again.Administrative Assistant
Matters to what I’ll do tomorrow, not ten years and two jobs later.Marketing Analyst
“Enjoyable, informational, and inspiring.”Retirement Consultant

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