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Improve Employee Performance

A Bold, New Way to Improve Employee Performance

Every employee has ups and downs in their work output, and some go through a dip in productivity from time to time. As a manager, it’s your job to improve employee performance and bring performance levels back to their peak.

To help managers achieve this objective, we have designed a system called Optimizing Performance and Development (OPD). OPD is based on the idea that a combination of regular attention to the employee’s needs and career together with a focus on business deliverables help improve the performance of employees. It consists of a series of semi-structured conversations conducted by the manager focusing on the employees’ work performance and personal development.

Employee Preferences Conversation
Optimize Performance Developmeny

This is a conversation employees and managers rarely have. However, it can be very beneficial for both of them since it helps identify what the employee is looking for to have a rewarding work experience.

In today’s economy, managers often focus exclusively on business deliverables and targets. Consequently, the employee’s personal goals and needs seldom get enough attention, even if the manager understands that addressing them is crucial to excellent performance.

A big contributor to this lack of attention to employee concerns is that managers lack adequate support. They don’t have the necessary training and tools needed to help employees grow in their careers and give their best.

Optimizing Performance and Development (OPD)

Employees whose managers hold regular meetings with them are almost three times as likely to be engaged as employees whose managers do not hold regular meetings with them. (Gallup Research)
This is exactly where OPD comes in. It trains managers on how to hold conversations with their teams to improve employee performance. It is a structured process that helps managers to coach employees regarding their performance improvement, career growth and personal development.

OPD is straightforward and effective. It provides managers with the tools to conduct a series of engaging employee-manager conversations concerning both the performance and personal development and is supported by training, coaching and ROI measurement.

OPD is designed to improve employee performance and engagement and is based on a simple idea. For consistently strong performance both performance expectations and the employee’s development expectations need to receive constant and noticeable attention. With OPD, managers will have the tools and gain the skills required for coaching employees to achieve higher performance.

Benefits of the Optimizing Performance and Development (OPD) System
  1. Motivates employees to improve their performance.
  2. Builds strong, trusting relationships between managers and their direct reports.
  3. Aligns employees’ goals with the organization’s goals. Can help improve (or even replace) your performance management system.
  4. Helps your employees communicate clearly and effectively.

When you need to improve organizational performance, but don’t know how to create the high Employee Engagement necessary to do so, contact us. We can help. It’s what we do!


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