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Employee Motivation

Assess and Improve Employee Motivation

Employee motivation and engagement is one of the biggest challenges managers face. Understanding and acting on the unique goals and needs of individual employees is not easy. Without this critical information, you risk losing valuable employee productivity and may even face an exodus of employees from your company.

The Personal Engagement Index (PEI)

The lost productivity of actively disengaged employees costs the US economy $370 BILLION annually. (Gallup)

The Personal Engagement Index (PEI) is a user-friendly online tool. We developed it to allow managers and employees to understand and act on the employee’s unique needs and goals and to help managers become more skilled at supporting employees.

The PEI is completed by both manager and employee. It shows alignment and discrepancies between the manager’s and employee’s viewpoints in order to pinpoint issues and assist in developing an action plan to address the employee’s needs.

The PEI is an indispensable tool for organizations when it comes to constructively engaging employees.

Manager solutionsIn most cases, managers rely too much on standard company-wide surveys that provide group data but are not effective when it comes to discovering what is uniquely important to each employee. Really, motivation and engagement is individually-driven: each employee has unique needs, preferences and goals that need attention for the employee to be motivated

If, as a manager, you understand the interests and desires of your employees you will be able to develop action plans to support their individual goals and aspirations.

When employees begin to see a committed effort to help them reach their goals, organizations will see increased motivation and improved performance that will ultimately bring success to the organization.

Getting at the Heart of Employee Motivation

Individual employees are driven by their own set of unique motivators, and they want their managers to understand and help address them.

The Personal Engagement Index (PEI) is completed by the two people who have the most impact on motivation – the employee and the employee’s manager.

PEI triggers one or more in-depth conversations that enable the employee and manager to better understand and act on the employee’s needs, interests, and goals to improve employees’ performance and job satisfaction.

Complementary PEI Assessments
Book two complimentary PEI assessment completions and debrief, one for an employee and the other for the manager!

Once we receive your message (please use the contact form), we will send you your personal and confidential access code to access the survey.

After you and your partner have completed the survey, we will contact you to schedule a date and time to debrief you on the combined employee-manager report.

Limit 2 per organization.

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