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Employee Engagement Consulting Services

It’s great to have enthusiastic employees who enjoy coming to work, but even highly-motivated employees can face challenges getting the job done. That’s why Engaged2Perform provides leadership development and employee engagement consulting services to companies across Canada. Our aim is to transform managers into leaders who inspire a high-performance workforce – one that generates business results. We solve people performance problems!

Achieve a high performance workforce

For over 10 years we have helped managers develop the leadership skills and competencies that engage employees and improve productivity. Our focus is cultivating leadership behaviors that provide continual support and development of employees and meet their engagement needs. As a result, our clients have been able to achieve a high performance workforce, retain valuable employees and accomplish difficult business goals.

Our employee engagement consulting services have helped companies develop a great workplace culture – a culture that fosters enthusiasm, energy, commitment and positive human spirit.

At Engaged2Perform, we will do everything to help managers create a motivating work climate required to achieving the right results with our employee engagement consulting services!


Great Leadership Training: Our leadership development process and training helps managers make the shift to successful leadership styles and action. We help managers find out how “engaged” the employees are, and then make necessary changes.

Employee Centered: Although our focus is leadership development, the aim of our programs are to benefit the employee. The goal is to optimize workforce performance, value, and contribution.

Tools to Achieve Results: Beyond training and education, we provide the tools and processes necessary to facilitate success and take employee performance to the next level.

Employee Engagement Consulting Services that Generate Business Results

We lead by being human. We do not lead by being corporate, professional, or institutional. – Paul Hawkin
We focus on transforming managers into leaders who generate business results through effective coaching and leadership training. Mid-level managers often play a critical role in employee engagement and performance. And it’s our goal to help these managers achieve higher performance results from their team through coaching and training.

We use methods and processes that are extremely successful in helping managers and senior executives build their leadership styles, techniques, and skills that engage and retain employees. This includes management training services and assessment tools that help our clients build an engaged, high-performance workforce. Our goal is to provide the necessary support and programs that enable your company’s management team to achieve desired engagement levels without expensive consultants or fees.

How We Help Managers Make Positive Changes To Improve Employee Results

Our Employee Engagement Consulting Services offer a powerful range of solutions for following up on engagement surveys. These solutions include specialized tools which address three areas often identified as challenges in survey results: Culture and workplace environment; manager and employee relationships; and the employee work experience.

Surveys, by themselves, do not solve the problem of increasing engagement, but they can provide direction on what steps are needed to improve it. Our solutions can address engagement challenges and deliver positive change and improvement in conjunction with annual surveys, or as standalone services.

Our Process:

  • Review and discuss business challenges
  • Conduct pulse surveys & interviews to understand employee performance issues
  • Establish goals and measurement metrics
  • Identify and implement corrective actions that address improvements needed
  • Coaching support as required