Productive Manager-Employee Conversations: How can these boost your business success?

Effective conversations enable managers to:

  • Gain employee buy in for change initiatives
  • Encourage more employee improvement ideas
  • Build stronger trust and accountability
  • Develop new employee skills that improve value and productivity
  • Cultivate employee strengths
  • Increase employee retention
  • Support new hires during onboarding to allow faster ramp up to full productivity

Here is a short summary from the experience of a manager-employee team who piloted this conversation:

Manager • This type of conversation would be of value to any manager in any organization. Learned some things about himself and his management style. Learned some things about his employee and how peer support could benefit her….Will now be having a similar conversation with others of his direct reports.

Employee • Now feels more strongly than before that she is a valued asset in the organization. (The manager’s interest in her as a person which she experienced through the conversation was lacking previously.) She and her manager agreed on a few actions that would make her work experience even better and if pursued consistently over some months, her engagement, motivation, job satisfaction and commitment would all increase. She thought other employees would definitely benefit from a similar conversation.

Interested in seeing the power of meaningful conversations at your workplace? 

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  4. We’ll then send the rest of the documents that support this conversation to you.  You review the support materials and have your conversation.  Then we conduct a quick debrief.  We are always available to provide support.
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