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Keys to Building a High-Performance Workforce!

Like most companies I expect your organization would also like to maximize the performance of their workforce. Right? So, lets start with how you would define high performance and what it means to your company. Here are a few comments by senior executives on what high performance means: Achieved goals and targets Increased sales revenues Client growth Enhanced profits Brand growth and strength A market leader in their field Does this align with your thoughts...

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Four Keys to Successfully Achieving Desired Business Results

Are you achieving the business results you need or are you falling short in some areas? If your results are not meeting your expectations here are four keys that will help generate improvements. Strategy: Organizations need a plan. They must identify what are the critical goals and success factors that must be achieved to achieve their vision and mission. Strategy should align with the organization’s mission and vision but be a more detailed roadmap of...

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Does your company have a performance management system?

Does your company have a performance management system? How is it working? Many, many organizations have a performance management system? Often it is a computerized or on-line platform that enables managers and employees to Define goals and objectives Correlate these with actual results Identify skills and development necessary Rate performance- often on a scale (i.e. Rickert scale) Provide an area for comments. These systems are typically used to appraise performance, determine where improvements are necessary...

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