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Good Manager/Bad Manager and Engagement-Part Two

Last week we wrote (Good Manager/Bad Manager and Engagement) about the problems and challenges associated with leaders and managers who may be negatively impacting engagement levels of your workforce. The article included different actions or steps they are taking that decrease the engagement of their team and employees such as: ·        Micromanagement ·        Lack of trust in the relationship ·        Clarity of roles and responsibilities and inability to set clear expectations ·        Focusing on weaknesses versus strengths ·        And more...

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Good Manager/Bad Manager and Engagement-Part One

We are all human and as such all have strengths and weaknesses. But when it comes to engagement it seems that actions taken by managers can have a significant impact on engagement levels. There are many great managers, and most are committed, conscientious and hard working but, like poor employees, there can also be managers that don’t always lead or manage effectively or successfully. Without the skill and ability to relate and connect with people...

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Coaching for Engagement

An article by our partner Michael Zroback No doubt you have heard the dreary statistics on engagement. In his blog, Torben Rick, notes that, “According to a recent survey on employee engagement in the US workforce from Modern Survey, it seems that only 10% of US employees feel they are fully engaged in the company they work for, 24% are “moderately engaged”, 30% feel they are “disengaged” and a staggering 37% are “under engaged”. It could be...

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Who Is Responsible for Employee Engagement?

What are your thoughts? The article “Employee Engagement is a Two-Way Street” suggests that this really falls on the shoulders of the employees to engage themselves?? Yes, employees do have to accept some responsibility for their own engagement yet there are many, many external factors beyond their control that will affect their engagement levels. I do agree they should commit to ongoing development of their skills and knowledge, as the article points out and growth...

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What Does An Engaged Workplace Look Like

An article by our partner Michael Zroback "What does an engaged workplace look like? It’s an interesting question. If you walked into an unfamiliar workplace, would you be able to ascertain within a short time whether or not the employees were engaged employees? What clues would you look for? How would you know? Firstly, you could just listen…. and hear the sounds of the workplace. Do you hear a busy ‘hum’ - the muted sounds...

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Importance of Training, Professional Development, and Growth

The importance of training and growth for Professional Development

Earlier this week we shared a post on HR concerns that revealed employees often value professional development over pay. This was a concern as some employees may not be getting the training opportunities they desire for various reasons which include: too expensive, planning/scheduling, conflicts, etc. In the post, it was stated that 39 per cent of Canadian employees would take a pay cut at another organization if it offered them better professional development opportunities than...

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