Could a single conversation make a positive difference to an employee and manager? We believe so. We are asking your help in demonstrating that.   Conversations are the lifeblood of any business. We believe effective workplace conversations can move mountains. Conversations about topics that matter to the business but also address the employee’s needs, conversations that enable people to connect and align, conversations that lead to visible action are all important. Today’s employees are looking for a rewarding work experience – they want to make a difference, be connected to a bigger purpose, grow and develop their skills. In order to get the elevated performance organizations need to succeed in today’s economy, managers have to not only drive performance but partner with employees in creating and sustaining an enriching work experience.   To succeed in creating a compelling experience and obtain great performance requires a new set of skills for many managers. This new partnership between employees and managers is forged through (you guessed it) great conversations! Great conversations lead to action, and when employees see consistent attention paid to their needs, performance improves.  

To support managers in creating enduring partnerships with employees that translate into strong performance, we are launching a series of supported employee-manager conversations. This conversation series combines a focus on the organization’s and manager’s expectations with attention on the employee’s development. Each conversation focuses on an explicit topic, starting with getting to know the employee more fully than before, then exploring the direction and expectations of the business, and then moving to the employee’s goals and development. Over time, the employee and manager become more aligned, the employee’s work experience is enriched, and the manager gains skills in mentoring and supporting the employee. And this is how performance improves.  

We are on a mission to create great workplaces and through great conversations and want your help in making the case for effective employee-manager communication. We believe the cumulative impact of these conversations will be significant. Even just one conversation in the series of seven can begin making a difference for your employees and managers. But don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself. For a limited time, we are offering the first conversation in the series (the one we call the “get acquainted conversation”), fully supported with detailed guides for the employee and for the manager, and workbooks for each, free of charge. We invite you to have a manager and employee pilot test this conversation and see what the impact is. Want to see how much difference a single conversation can make? Drop us a line and we will send you the details.  

If you have any business colleagues that could benefit from this process please pass on this offer for their review and consideration.   Thanks in advance and we look forward to your comments.