February 2018 | Engaged2Perform

Should you be Measuring or Driving Performance?

Over the last few years I have seen different surveys to measure or gauge employee performance as well as many different performance management and improvement systems. They can play a role to help evaluate an employee’s performance, track progress on goals and facilitate feedback. However, I think at times they lose sight of what is important and required by business organizations. When we talk with senior executives what they need, and wat is high performance...

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Are You Concerned About Losing Talented Employees?

In a recent article by Donald Cooper Titled “Big changes are happening in staffing and employee retention. Are you ready?” he talks about the battle for talent and how important it can be to retain talent. It would seem the battle for talent is heating up and organizations need to beware that this can have a major impact on their business results and success! So, businesses need to ask the question “Are we concerned about...

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