December 2017 | Engaged2Perform

Are your Managers Building Trust with their Employee Workforce?

AON Hewitt research recently reported “The Gender Gap: 61% of women believe that their organizational leadership is worthy of their trust, less than their male counterparts at 66%. To me when I look at this statistic I am not so much concerned about the gender gap difference but more about the fact approximately 34-39% of employees do not trust leadership or management? This is a major concern is it not? (more…)

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Are your Managers/Leaders Destroying Engagement Levels?

Are your managers hurting engagement? Certainly not! Impossible you say! Let’s take a closer look.  Sometimes small actions and steps taken by managers that seem innocuous and part of your role/responsibility as a manger can cause disengagement!! In Gordon Tredgold’s article “3 Mistakes That Kill Employee Engagement” he outlines three mistakes that managers make that can have significant and negative impact on engagement levels! Micromanagement Taking credit for an employee’s idea Blaming employees or being...

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