October 2017 | Engaged2Perform

Interested in Improving Employee Engagement? Four Steps to Success!

Last week I shared a post on “How to Calculate an Employee Net Promoter Score”. This can be an effective metric to gauge what the employees really think of the organization they are working for. It reflects how they feel about their organization by determining how likely they would be to recommend the organization to a friend, another colleague or business professional they know.  If the score is low, it would suggest their work experience...

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Who Is Responsible for Employee Engagement?

What are your thoughts? The article “Employee Engagement is a Two-Way Street” suggests that this really falls on the shoulders of the employees to engage themselves?? Yes, employees do have to accept some responsibility for their own engagement yet there are many, many external factors beyond their control that will affect their engagement levels. I do agree they should commit to ongoing development of their skills and knowledge, as the article points out and growth...

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What Does An Engaged Workplace Look Like

An article by our partner Michael Zroback "What does an engaged workplace look like? It’s an interesting question. If you walked into an unfamiliar workplace, would you be able to ascertain within a short time whether or not the employees were engaged employees? What clues would you look for? How would you know? Firstly, you could just listen…. and hear the sounds of the workplace. Do you hear a busy ‘hum’ - the muted sounds...

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